The Steering Committee

The management of Mion Technology consists of four members, each with their role and planned activity in Mion Technology’s existence and future development. Management considers it time and skills in that Mion Technology provides the framework and resources for rapid development in the most efficient manner.


Funded with 141.000 DKK

Our Stakeholders


University of Southern Denmark is our partner, where AMST developed and optimized

Teknologisk Institut 

Teknologisk Institut develops a functional prototype in aluminum
with AMST 

EWII Værdipulje

Ewii Værdipulje has supported Mion Technology with 141,000 Dkk on January 1st 2017

Mion Technology

Our researchers develop AMST for use on aluminum and tests it’s durability under various conditions

Stakeholder groups


The necessary financial contributors included as stakeholders by virtue of their financial commitment to the Mion Technology. The primary value created by these will be to ensure Mion Technology’s structure and existence in the short term, so costs at start of product development and production have the necessary, critical cash. Contributors are only included in the analysis as input.


Industrial partners are important stakeholders, since they form the basis for the commercial exploitation of the developed technology, and is the direct channel to end-users. The partners implement the technology as part of the production and distribute their applications directly to end users. In the first phase is working with two partners – respectively a manufacturer of faucets and a radiator factory. Futhermore we are in the process to ensure a collaboration with A/S HAI in Horsens, Denmark, which can stabilize us on the market.