Our long-term goal is to develop flexible and functional anti-microbial coatings for use on various surfaces. In the first phase, we deal with aluminium surfaces, and produce a surface, which prevents or reduces bacterial biofilm formation and bacterial growth. In this phase, our focus is on Scandinavian manufacturers of small size aluminium elements, which are touched and handled by many people every day, and on manufacturers of radiators in nursing homes and hospitals. In later stages, we will develop technologies for additive antimicrobial coatings on other types of metal, and flexible non-metallic items.

By Reducing The Formation Of  Biofilms We Reduce The Risk Of Infection Sources

Meet Our Team

Kim Ladefoged
Kim LadefogedCEO
Kim Ladefoged has the overall overview of the project and he is responsible for the commercial marketing. Ladefoged has direct contact with foundations and he is also responsible of the steering committee. Ladefoged has studied EBA (Engineering Business Administration) at VIA in Horsens and has a theoretical knowledge in innovation processes, economy and technical knowledge that benefit the organization.
Per Morgen
Per MorgenHead of Research
Per Morgen leads research components of the project. Morgen has the overview in the technical phases. He has a PhD and a doctorate (dr. Sc.) in surface physics and a master’s degree in physics and chemistry and has a long and wide experience in this line. Morgen has been a lecturer in physics at the University of Southern Denmark since 1978, and is currently employed as a part-time lecturer in energy technology at the Maersk McKinney Møller Institute at SDU.
Jesper Præst Olsen
Jesper Præst OlsenBusiness Development
Jesper Præst Olsen is state authorised accountant responsible for business and financial feedback. Associated SDU as a teacher. Broad business experience in different industries. Olsens area is business development.
Jeanette Hvam
Jeanette HvamResearcher
Together with Morgen Jeanette Hvam (PhD) has direct contact with the SDU and the equipment which is used in the project.
Frank Frost
Frank FrostProject Management
Frank Frost is the coordinator for development and research in collaboration with Per Morgen. His focus is to coordinate between internal and external partners, and create a common understanding and dialogue between the partners. He is responsible for targets and timetable. Furthermore, he has direct contact with the Danish Technological Institute.

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